Nationalpark Center Müritz

The Müritzeum, a fascinating centre of our region and its nature, is a combination of traditional and modern exhibition on a 2000 m² area. It presents the nature, its formation and the historical development around the Mecklenburg Lakes in an impressive way. The forum is the beginning of the exhibition and fantastic photos from all seasons allow the visitors to get some first impressions from our wonderful nature which they can explore from now on in the nature discovery centre. A time travel leads you through the culture history of Mecklenburg-Western Pomeranian and in our multi vision room our visitors can watch an interesting movie with amazing sequences about the history, the landscape and the people of our region.

House of 1000 lakes

The House of 1000 lakes exhibits various theme rooms like “Bird Life” with listening to a concert of the “garden-sextet” or exploring the bird migration or “Forest” concentrating on the variety of the living room forest and the history of the use and today’s effective protection. One special highlight is the aquarium area with 25 basins – the biggest one has a capacity of 100.000 litres and reaches over two floors - in which more than 40 local freshwater fish species can be spotted. Many seating possibilities invite to pause and to relax watching and exploring the life under water and the water theatre gives our visitors the chance to have a wonderful view into two big outside basins and over the lake Herrensee. Our garden around the lake is the perfect place to watch many different wild living water birds or to have a rest on a park bench. The roof terrace with a wonderful view over the Müritz, the biggest lake in Northern Germany with a water expanse of 117 km² and the House of Collection which can be reached through our garden complement the Müritzeum.


Müritz Aquarium Waren (Mecklenburg)